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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Little Things Mean A Lot

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!

I've been working on a project that I've had swirling around in my head for some time now.  I desperately needed a stamp pad holder... and I didn't want to buy one. 
So... that's what I worked on today!  Yup... it took me just about the whole day to complete!  But... all my stamp pads are in there and it looks pretty cool.  I still have to figure how to go about giving it some color.  I didn't want to paint it... because I thought that it would cause it to bubble!  I made it using recycled cereal boxes!  
And... sorry... but I can't share it just yet.  
First... I need to figure out how to "paint" it... maybe spray paint?
Second... I may use it for a tutorial on one of my fave sites!

But I do have a layout completed that I can share with you today!  Yay!
This was entered at Turtle Soup for their Project 12 Sketch Challenge for March.  You can see the challenge here.  You have all month to submit your entry.

I'm so excited about this year-long project!  I will have an awesome album at the end of the year!  Woo hoo!

Ok... here is my layout titled, "The Little Things Mean A Lot."
This was my Boy Scouts going away party!  
After 6+ years... it was time for a change.  And... at the time, hubby was ill... and I couldn't devote the time needed for Boy Scouts... and going away on overnight camping trips, Boy Scout Camp and even day long events and what not, just wasn't fitting in anymore... as being with hubby was more important.
But it's ok... It was a change that I welcomed!  Yes, I miss some of the events... but... there are other events that I do not miss.  So... I think it all balances out.

Supplies used:
Paper: gcd Studios, Colorbok
Hexagon Punches
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder
Chipboard Shapes: Studio g
Various Stickers
Clear Sticker Quote
This lovely quote was added below the photos on the left side of my page.

Below the photos I added a couple of chipboard shapes.

Another chipboard shape is in the far right of my page.  I cut a scalloped border to add below the solid strip of paper. 

Malcolm has always loved to whittle with wood.  I was amazed at every one of his projects!
And... I was pleasantly surprised with he whittled a spoon for me!  It's SO cool and perfect for a large pot of soup!  :) 

And the photo on the right page... is what Jack made for me!  If you haven't guessed... it's a walking stick... complete with my name carved into the wood!  I know.. it's huge and heavy... but it's the thought that counts!  And I will always keep it!  :)

Since I always had to include a "goofy" photo with every event... it was only fitting that this group photo would be a fun "goofy" photo!  Almost all the boys made some faces... 

Rather than splatter ink spots on my page... I decided to just add the hexagons.  Besides... I needed to try my new punches!  :)

Airin made origami scout shirts for me.  He was always making cool things with origami... so I wasn't surprised when he made these shirts... one was mine... and the other was his... so I would remember him.  :) 

The page title is a bubble sentiment.  This is exactly how I felt. 

During my time working with these boys, challenging them, encouraging them, teaching them and helping them with various projects... they learned thoughtfulness!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope you enjoyed my layout!

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