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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hello everyone!

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?  
You you have good intentions, but they never seem to materialize?
Do you keep trying to make new resolutions each year?
Or do you just say, "Forget it?"

Well, I am hosting a challenge at Soul Scrappers called One Word Challenge.
Simply create your layout, card or other project based on or around the word I choose each month.

I hope you will head on over to Soul Scrappers and check it out.... and while you're there, check out all the other challenges too!

But, back to the challenge I am hosting....

The word I have chosen is:


What do you think of when you hear this word?

Here are a few definitions I searched around to find:

1.  A firm decision to do or to do something.

2.  A formal expression of opinion or intention.

3.  The act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc.

4.  The act of resolving something.

5.  An answer or solution to something.

6.  The ability of a device to show an image clearly and with a lot of detail.

Resolutions is a "bad" word for me.  That's probably the reason why I stopped making any sort of resolution these last 10+ years.

Well, this year, I am determined (Haha) to stick to the ONE resolution I have made:
To continue exercising to stay in shape and be healthier.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have exercised since I was a teenager.  Geesh... that was a LONG time ago!  (Not really)  :)

Anyhow, this is something I need to do for myself first.... and second for my family and loved ones.

Without anymore yapping... 
Here is the layout I created appropriately titled, "Resolutions"
Yup, this is me.  I love wearing very cool, bright (very bright) workout clothes.
For those of you who have seen me walking outside during the Spring, Summer and Fall months know I love bright walking gear!  And bright walking sneakers!  :)

Flowers were clustered at the lower corner of my photo... with some bling.

I found some pics online to help me (and my mind) clarify that I really need to continue with this challenge.
Letters were added on double matted banners.

More target words for my mind to take in... and keep telling myself this is REALLY what I am going to do!

I added a crochet flower with a pearl in the center.

A crochet doily was tucked under the matted photo.

And here are a couple photos for a closer look.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I do hope you will check out my challenge at Soul Scrappers.
And while you're there, take a look around at all the other fun challenges.

You won't be disappointed!  It's a really cool place to be!

Till next time,

Soul Scrappers Celebrates 7 Years!!

Another warm hello!

Guess what?
Soul Scrappers has been around for 7 years!!  That's right.
And to celebrate and encourage everyone to celebrate with us, we're having a... 

Birthday Celebration
Soul Scrappers being 7 years!

Let me just say that SS is a great place to be!  All the members and Design Team members are so nice and easy to work with.

Our Gallery is busting at the seams with tons of inspiration.

There are so many awesome challenges each month.  These challenges will help you get out of a creative rut... and get those creative juices flowing again.
There's a wide variety of challenges, sure to get you excited to join in on all the fun.

It's EASY to join.  Simply go to this link and sign up... that's it!  
Then you can access the Gallery and all the beautiful projects!

Ok... so now onto the Birthday Celebration Challenges.
There are 4 challenges going on for a whole month.... so you have lots of time to play along with us.
Be sure to add your "tag" when adding to the Gallery.

The best part.... PRIZES WILL BE OFFERED for each challenge!  That's 4 prizes offered to 4 lucky winners!

The 1st challenge is:

Add BALLOONS on your card (BC1)

Here's the card I created:
The sticker has a couple of balloons on it.  I added lace, flowers and bling... which completed my card.

The 2nd challenge is:

The challenge that I am hosting.  :)

Add a CAKE on your card (BC2)

Here's the card I created:
This fun 3D cake adds a pop of dimension as well as the cute flower lace.

The 3rd challenge is:

Add a NUMBER of your card (BC3)

This is my card
Lots of stickers and fun pp make this card just all around "happy!"

And the 4th challenge is:

Add a BIRTHDAY BANNER on your card (BC4)

Here's my card:
Love these new banner dies I just bought!  Perfect for this card!

So there you have it.
Hope you will join us at Soul Scrappers for our


You can see all the challenges SS has to offer right here.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Hope to see you join us... and add your wonderful creations in our Gallery.

Till next time,

A Crafty Christmas 2016 Layout


This past Christmas was a very good one for many reasons.  The first being that I got into the crafty mode!  I just felt like making whatever I could to decorate as much as I could in my house.
And it was FUN!
I have to admit that I found a plethora of ideas on Pinterest!  What a fabulous place to get inspiration!

The second being... of course... all the wonderful gifts I received.
And taking pics of everyone opening their presents.
And, the best, is all of us being able to spend Christmas together!  xoxo

So, after soaking up all the ideas... I started creating and crafting.

This layout shows several photos of only some of my creations.
It's titled, "Sparkle and Shine."
I think I had just as much creating this layout too!  :)

Sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy the close ups..
This card tree was so fun!  Randy did do the cutting and attaching the boards, but I adhered the clothespins on the boards.  :)  
This is an awesome way to showcase all the cards you receive at Christmastime.

I wrapped the smaller kitchen cabinet doors with wide red ribbon and attached a huge bow on them.

You can just see a portion of my table decorations on the right.
On the left is a bottle I decorated with twine, flowers and ribbon.

I also had fun making these cone trees as well as decorating them.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Till next time,

Song & Lyric Challenge at Soul Scrappers


It's Sunday... time to get ready for the work week ahead.  I always seem to find myself scrambling to get everything ready at the last minute... even though I keep telling myself I need to start doing this much EARLIER!
I'll get back in the routine... hopefully soon!  :)

Anyhow, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Another fun challenge at Soul Scrappers called the Song and Lyric Challenge.
Simply choose words from the lyrics from a particular song chosen... and create your project.

The song this month is:

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
By The Four Seasons

To see the lyrics, hop on over to Soul Scrappers and check it out.

Here's the layout I created titled, "Life is Good."
I chose the words "Good" and "You"
This is Randy and I at a concert this past summer.  Nice hot day... perfect for a concert!

This glittery die cut is perfect to spruce up my layout.

A little misting on the background... small flowers and sequins.

Another glittery die cut.  :)

A cluster of flowers with tiny gems in the centers.

A closer look at the flowers.

A closer look at the background.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Till next time,

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Random Word Challenge


Here's another  challenge at Soul Scrappers called the Random Word Challenge.
Simply choose a page title with the words listed that begin with a specific letter of the alphabet.

For this month, the letter is "N"

And here are the words to choose from:

Nappy Time... or Nap
Nerd... or Nerdy
No... or Not

I decided to choose a photo with my son's new girlfriend.
Here's my layout appropriately titled, "New."
My boy... being silly as usual, holding a huge leaf behind his girlfriend's head, before I snapped the photo (she didn't know he was doing this).
We were at the Duke Gardens in North Carolina... in the Fall... so there wasn't lots of color... but still interesting none the less.

Banners and bling.  Gotta love them both!  :)

Simple black letters used for the page title.

Hope you are having an amazing weekend!

Till next time,

Lift Challenge

Hi all!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!
This is my weekend to "catch up" and it's exhausting!  One day down... and still another to go.  Then hopefully I will be all caught up on my own "to do" list.

Here's a challenge at Soul Scrappers where you "lift" a layout that's posted for that particular challenge.  Warning: It's kinda addicting!
Let's face it, scraplifting is fun!

If you want to see all the challenges at Soul Scrappers, head on over to check them out.
It's easy to sign up and become a member.  Then you get to see all the inspiration in our gallery too!

Here's the layout I created titled, "10.15.16"
All excited to climb a mountain last fall.  Full of smiles.  :)

Here's the layout to "lift" titled, "5.6.13"
Simply lift anything you would like to create your layout, whether it's the large arrow, journaling block, three photos, etc.  Just have fun with it.

 And now for a few close ups of my layout.
I hand cut the large arrow.  Took me a couple tries to get it the way I wanted.

I actually love the unique title for a page.  It's so different and pretty cool too!  :)

I added a few things in the upper right plus a rub on that says, "Smile."

In the lower right a banner and another rub on.

And in the lower left, more banners, stickers and a final rub on.

So..... Are you interested in checking out Soul Scrappers yet?
Go on... it will be fun!

Till next time,

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Escape to Nature

Hello everyone!!

Dreaming and wishing for warmer weather... and no more snow!  Sadly, it will be several more months before my wish comes true.  :(

Anyhow.... I have a layout to share, created for Soul Scrappers.  

By the way, Soul Scrappers is a fabulous place to visit, join, and enjoy all the challenges.  There is a wide variety sure to entice anyone to play along with us and upload your creations into our Gallery!

This NEW challenge is called "Escape to Nature" (E2N1).
Can you guess what this is about?
You guessed it... 
It's about scrapping those photos that deal with nature and the great outdoors.
Who doesn't have photos of the beautiful scenery of nature?

Photos of flowers, leaves, snow, rain, mountains, trees, wide open fields, narrow wooded paths, rainbows, clouds, rocks, gardens... and the list goes on and on.

Head on over to Soul Scrappers and check it out!  And while you're there, take a look at all the other "fabulous" challenges!  :)

Here's the layout I created titled, "Fabulous"
This photo was taken in my SIL's backyard in Florida.  This was a huge tree with beautiful blossoms filling it with color!  Loved it!

I used sheer, light colored flowers around the photo and added a bit more color with the pastel pearls.

The quote I chose for my layout.

Different colored sheer flowers were used, light purple, green, pink and blue.
Love these pastel gems.

A closer look.  These flowers are so pretty IRL.  :)

Hope you enjoyed my layout.

Till next time,

Monday, January 16, 2017

Birthday Cards

Hello all,

Here's another challenge at Soul Scrappers.

It's a card challenge.  And, since I love making cards, this was a fun challenge.
Simply make a birthday card and it must have the word "Birthday" on it.

I made two:

These cards are so fun and bright... they're sure to put a smile on someone's face!

Be sure to check out Soul Scrappers... and all the fun challenges they have.

Till next time,

Monday, January 9, 2017

Tic Tac Toe Challenge

Hello everyone!

(Gosh, it's cold out here!!)

Do you like Tic Tac Toe?  Well, here's a fun game that will hopefully inspire you to create a layout.
Simply choose a row of 3 and craft away!  Up, down, diagonally... easy as that.
Stop on over at Soul Scrappers and check out the full challenge as well as all the other fun challenges!  Hope to see you there!  :)

For my layout, I chose the row: White Cardstock, Torn Paper, Snowflakes.
Titled, "Merry Christmas," here's what I created:
My niece and I a few years ago having fun with our Santa hats on!

Here's the TTT board:

Flowers and snowflakes in the bottom corner of the photo.

There wasn't much to add with this beautiful pp, which already has a border, page title and cute tree.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Til next time,