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Sunday, April 9, 2017

It Only Takes One Person...


How do you like mixed media?  Is it something you always wanted to try, but are unsure where to begin?
There are so many variations of mixed media.  It all comes down to what YOU like... and how creative and messy you want to get.

I was always intrigued by mixed media projects.  I absolutely LOVE the process, all the items used, the creative way they use specific items as well as the finished project.  It always seems to come together flawlessly.

So, every once in awhile, I feel like, "I can do this."  I get out all the supplies I might like to use.... and then I'm "stuck" with where to begin.  Do I do this first?  Do I add this last?
I overthink....
When all I really need to do is START... then let the process flow....

Easier said than done right?  Well, it is.... once you get started.  But you have to "start" first!

So get out those supplies and start letting those juices flow!
I would love to see your projects!  Just add them in the comments below.

This is my Art Journal page created for Soul Scrappers.  It's a NEW challenge called "PhiloSOULphy" that uses wise words from authors, poets, etc. from lands and centuries past and present and those who dream of a better world.

You can create a layout, canvas, off the page item or use a journal.

You're free to do anything (sketch, stickers, embellies, paint, Gesso, mists, pencils, etc.).  There is no right or wrong... just make art any way you want!  It doesn't necessarily have to be all mixed media.... just get down and crafty!  :)

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Soul Scrappers, sign up (for Free) and check out all that this awesome site has to offer!

A quote is provided for you to use on your project.

The quote reads, "It only takes one person to change your life... YOU"
So true, don't you think? 

I started with a white wash for my background as well as several mists.

Metallic watercolor was brushed along the edges of the quote and a "You" 3D embellie was used for as the last word in the quote.

Flowers were added and each one was brushed with metallic watercolor (I absolutely love these watercolors)!

Before the background dried, I added various fussy cut flowers and leaves which is also my background.  These were also white washed.... to blend into the background, but also give some dimension. I did try to outline the flowers and leaves with a marker, then decided I didn't want to do the whole background that way.  So, I have a half-and-half thing going on.  :)

Another look at the flowers... with some shimmer from the watercolors.  Bling was added in the centers and also brushed to tone them down a bit.

And there you have it... my art journal page.

My previous page (for March) was dark... ewwwww.... so I really wanted to create a fun, bright page for this month.

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you enjoyed my project.

Oh.... and don't forget to add your projects in the comments below.  I would love to see them!

Till next time,

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